Based in Rome, ITALY and Newcastle, UK :

Primary Kit

  • Nagra VI 8-track recorder
  • Zoom F8 8-track recorder
  • Audio Technica BP4029 stereo Gun
  • Soundfield SPS200
  • 2 x Sanken COS11-D lavs
  • 3 x Sony UWP-D radio mics

Ancillary Kit

  • Rycote Classic & ‘S’
  • Ambient and Rycote booms
  • Rycote mount & Baby Ball-Gag for SPS200
  • Timecode Systems TCB Master + Mini TRx

The Nagra is my main recorder for all jobs at the moment.

It has been DIY-adapted by me to now be equipped with a mixing surface, increasing it’s possible uses and enabling gain and fader control for all inputs on the move, which the standard machine doesn’t permit.

The Zoom F8 is a backup and/or ancillary-rig recorder, also for use with ‘B’ cameras or smaller jobs.

The Soundfield is mainly for VR and Surround-FX recording but is also a ‘steerable’ Stereo source for Music and ambient-sound capture

The Sony UWP-D channels are comparable to the popular Sennheiser G3/4 series.

My rig is intended for use on general Documentary and Current-affairs shooting, not the ‘adventure’ genres