Nagra 6 Midi Remote

This is proof that my ‘lash-up’ of a cheap-as-chips Korg NanoKontrol2,  fed through a Kenton USD-midi>Midi host unit into the ‘tradtional’ midi control input of my Nagra ( on the 9-way D-type ‘expansion’ connector not a normal 5-way DIN connection ), works perfectly once all the controls are manually assigned to Nagra functions.

There is no ‘feedback’ via Midi, so if this had motorised faders they would not physically be able to mimic moving controls on the Nagra Front-Panel or in the menus. Also it means the tally LEDs on the Korg unit don’t show transport states like stop and record :-/

However since the Nagra FP itself offers plenty visual confirmation of transport state anyway, and since all the functions i’ve assigned to the Korg Pots and sliders are NOT controls that exist on the FP, the lack of feedback isn’t really a problem, since once you have touched any of the external controls after the Nagra is booted, the levels, pans will then track the Korg until the next power cycle.

The other main snag is that although control assignments are easily set up again individually, it would be nice to be able to save the whole set of assignments for a particular controller, in the same way that most Nagra settings re: inputs etc can be stored and saved externally as templates. Unfortunately not possible, as far as i know…

Not shown working in the Video are the input gains for inputs 5 and 6, controls which are not assigned to FP controls ( the 4 physical pots on the FP do gains 1-4 ).

These are asigned to the last 2 panpots on the right

The last fader on the right, also not demonstrated, is assigned to the analogue output pair level ( check this )