‘Gun’ Mic Technique

Using a mic in a shock-mount whose ‘pistol’ grip is held directly in the hand that is…….  as opposed to ‘full’ boom technique with a pole…….

One always sees photos, either real-in-shoot snaps or posed, of sound recordists in action using a full boom pole, even though often the shoot in question is a straighforward tight-shot interview where there was clearly no need for the recordist to use the pole to get the Mic in position comfortably. ( i’m as guilty of this as anyone, see my profile pics elsewhere ! )

And from my experience, i’d say that while the boompole CAN act as a useful positioning counter-weight – even when the Gun can be positioned where it needs to be at normal arms length, more often than not, in ENG/news/current affairs/basic doc situations, there’s far more of this close-in miking and atmos/FX recording that can be done with the recordist very close to the subject, and relatively few of the situations where ‘nothing but the pole overhead will do’

Admittedly if you’re tramping a long way from the parking to the actual shoot location, it makes as much sense to carry the pole and gun as one combined item as to carry them separately, of course,, and repeatedly screwing and unscrewing the  pole from the pistol handgrip is a pain during  ‘active’ time, not to mention extra wear and tear on both.

Nevertheless i insist that there are many situations in which the manouverability of the gun-in-mount-in hand alone confers advantages.

Perhaps, with apologies to certain famous manufacturers of gun mounts, baskets and windshields who make the ‘benchmark’ stuff, there’s a case to be made for some new design of general-purpose gun-mic mount/suspension/windshield that would be combined/integral with a short lightweight telescopic boom such that when not needed for reach the boom elements would clip up into the underside of the suspension but still leave the normal pistol grip free for close-hand use ?